Shanta Spine is a spine care hospital located at Ramdaspeth, Nagpur in the central Indian state of Maharashtra. At Shanta Spine Hospital we strive to achieve new heights of knowledge and expertise each day so we can provide excellent healthcare to our patients.


We provide our employees with world-class a facility which is an ideal nurturing ground for professional excellence. Senior professionals lend a guiding hand which makes teamwork here a lot more enriching and fun. An eclectic mix of people from different regions of the country and varied cultures combine here to make a colourful and vibrant workforce. At Shanta Spine, every employee is assured of an invigorating work atmosphere which translates to better productivity and leads to growth.

If you think you have it in you to be a part of a vibrant and talented team, we invite you to be a part of Shanta Spine Hospitals. A work environment that stimulates personal and professional growth is guaranteed. Be a part of our dynamic workforce and touch the lives of hundreds of people in your own unique way.We are looking for someone who shows dedication and honesty in their work. Our main aim is to give new and good life to our patients.

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Shanta Spine Hospital for Spine Health offers one-year fellowships to qualified students. The fellowship offers intensive, full-time training in spinal surgery to a candidate who has successfully completed an accredited residency training program in neurological surgery or orthopaedic surgery. The fellowship covers advanced minimally invasive surgical techniques and include exposure to modern spinal instrumentation techniques as well. The fellowship also provides experience in clinical evaluation, non-operative management of spinal disorders, and patient selection for surgery. 

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