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Salute to Our Soldiers who work day in and day out so that civilians like us can sleep in peace in our bedrooms with our loved ones. The patriot within me was at an all time high yesterday when PM Narendra Modi government did a surgical strike on the terror outfits in POK. This day was special to Shanta Spine Hospital (SSH) on one more count.
It was a routine day at SSH, we were busy seeing patients suffering from spinal disorders in between our surgeries. As my 22nd patient of the day enters a 15y old girl who was tortured with the routine 10-15 hours of gruelling tuitions and schools so that she can achieve good marks in her 10th standard. This academic outburst had avoided her from doing any physical activity and weight gain. The academic torture was so severe that it had a significant toll on the tender spine leading to a Prolapsed herniation of the disc. The suffering was so significant that the poor kid was unable to sit straight for more than 4min, unable to walk straight for more than 15 steps. She had to burn radiating sciatica pain for the last 3-4 months. The girl was so strong that with this pain she was continuously doing her duty as a student to fulfil her parents dream. When we saw her clinically as well as MRI, she had a significant left lower lumbar herniated disc which needed a minimal invasive Endoscopic Discectomy so that we get rid of the physical inability which was bothering her with her studies. I had a thorough discussion with the Mother and a relative accompanying the patient. The kid was admitted and was scheduled for surgery the next day.
We did an Endoscopic surgery on the kid and she recovered very well.
On my routine postoperative rounds after 6 hours of the surgery, I asked her how is she, she said that she was most comfortable after almost 2months. When I asked her where is your father, the brave girl proudly said that my father is in the army and is at the border in Jammu and Kashmir. I was speechless and awestruck for a moment, a 15-year-old was as brave as her father. She was undergoing a supra major surgery, a disease which was caused due to rigorous intense she was undergoing to fulfil her father's dream. A father who was at the front doing his duty to protect our motherland with a heart pumping blessings every second for the daughter who was going under a knife thousand miles away.
With a heavy emotional heart I told my lovely patient, please convey to your father---thanks for taking care of Our MOTHER and please be assured that I will take care of your daughter as my own.

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