Ulhaas 2018

Shanta Spine Hospital (SSH) is a ONLY dedicated Spine Surgery Hospital in Central India. SSH boasts its presence in Nagpur for the last decade and has successfully applied its advanced expertise to more than 4500 patients. This success was procured due to infrastructure of Advanced OT, Highly capable Anaesthestists and machines, IntraOperative Neural Monitoring to prevent any neurological complications. During this tenure the Spine Surgeons at SSH came across these questions-

1. Will I ever walk again after spine surgery?
2. Will I be able to sit down and pray or do namaz?
3. Can I lift my 3y old daughter?
4. Can I run? I wish to run Marathon or play badminton?
5. I'm already 64 years old, am I fit for spine surgery?
6. Can I ride my bicycle or motor cycle again?

I'm a house wife with restricted activities and pain has become part of my life now.

These are innumerable questions that we at Shanta Spine Hospital come across every moment. The main question to answer before you undergo spine surgery is-
1. Will I regain my confidence ?
2. Will I be doing things what I love to do most?

Modern technology of Minimal Invasive Spine Surgery, nowadays have answered many of these questions in relevant cases. This technique helps in retaining the normal architecture of the spine and releasing pressure from the spinal cord and making you pain free. These procedures help you regain your confidence back. We wish to celebrate with Our Operated Patients at Shanta Spine Hospital on 4th March as we believe in letting your results speak more than your words.

We have patients above 70 years walking everyday about 3-5 kms, cycling 10-12kms, going to gym, riding motor cycle, doing business and performing their daily activities. Patients in the younger age group are playing badminton and participating in Marathons, cycling and Triathlon races. House wives able to take care of the routine daily activities like Children studies, lifting, dancing, washing and cooking.
What our procedure has done is to give back their real ASTITVA.

The aim of this celebration is to convey to the ever fearing society that Spine Surgery is safe and productive if you are interested in getting back your Astitva. It is you- who will team up with Shanta Spine Hospital to say good bye to your Back Miseries. It is you- who will follow a healthy lifestyle of getting rid of Overweight, Smoking, Tobacco chewing, exercising everyday to avoid Spine disorders. If at all you develop spine ailments, nowadays proper guidance at the right time by Specialist Spine Surgeons and intervening with appropriate Minimal Invasive Spine Surgery will give you BACK your LIFE.

Ulhaas -celebrating life. We are coming together to exchange ideas and celebrate our freedom from BACKPAIN. We all deserve to Live a PAINFREE life.

Humbly at your service,

Dr. Manoj Singrakhia
Shanta Spine Hospital

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